Losing Sight

‘If only i had my sight back, i’d be able to write my own stories mama.’ Lily whined in endless frustration and red-hot anger as she wrung the edges of her once favourite book. So many different chapters holding each their own beautiful stories she no longer could read.

‘I’ve wasted so many pages on my useless scribbling!’ Lily sobbed and tried to smooth out the torn pages. With the book dog-eared and its edges frayed, Lily hugged the book to her chest and refused to let another tear fall.

‘Cheer up my heart, one day you’ll tell stories beyond the pages of this book.’



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Lily had grabbed onto my arm and refused to let go even in her sleep. I gently untangled her arms from mine and cautiously sat up from the bed, mindful not to wake her up. Just for a few moments, I looked at my little girl in wonder as she slept, her arms laid beside her head and her chest lightly rise and fall with every breathe.

My brave little warrior.

I smoothed her fringe away and softly pressed a kiss to her forehead. Ever since I held the precious little bundle of joy in my arms on that very first day, her cherubic face and silly grins have always seemed to fill me with a positive power of energy, making everyday seemed brighter and easier amidst all the chaos and stress.

What I wouldn’t do to keep that smile there forever..

Yet.. a wave of anguish settled heavily into my heart knowing that I’d failed in reining in my emotions and as a result, had impulsively lashed out at Lily. Lily deserved no heartbreaks in her young life.

Author’s note:

I don’t think this is going to be a full story with a proper background as I’ve started writing on a whim. Last night I had the urge to continue the ‘story’ but I got stuck and didn’t know how to continue with words to fit my imagination. So the above short excerpt is what I’ve done before I succumbed to napping on my desk once again and waking up on my bed. As I’ve said, since this story has no proper background, I might not even be able to have a fitting ending since I’m no professional writer 😦 But still, thanks for reading if you ever do. 🙂

untitled writing: lily

Hey reader. This is just random, something I tried to do when I was bored. I’m not a good writer and it’s quite embarrassing to finally post this up but well, it was fun. (Please ignore all grammar errors!)

Mommy went on her knees and tenderly brushed my cheek with her thumb.

“Remember Lily, Daddy loves us. But those glass bottles are bad and they make daddy angry. Do not come out of your room if you hear daddy being loud. Ok sweetheart?”

I nodded my head and was instantly wrapped up in mommy’s embrace.

“Just get the hell out.”


The silence outside was deafening. I reached for the marble door handle on my tippy toes and shuffled across the mahogany floorboards in my PJs. The house was dimmed, shadows ghosting across the floor and walls. The only light source came from the reading lamp beside our four seater couch. Grasping the edge of the wall with tiny fingers, I took a peek.

Mommy has her elbows on the dining table, head down, eyes pressed into the palm of her hands. Her strong shoulders which cocoons me like protective steel barriers in the midst of my nightmares now shake with every struggling sob and shuddering breath.

Why is mommy crying? Lily doesn’t like mommy crying. Where’s daddy? Did the bottles make daddy angry again?

Taking a deep breath, I puffed out my chest for a little courage. Emerging from the shadows of the wall, I took a tentative step forward and paused when mommy’s shoulders stilled.

“Mommy?” I whispered, my voice so soft it barely reached my own ears.

I tugged at the hem of my pajama top and waited for mommy to give me the loving smile that was reserved for only me. Mommy looked up a second later and I felt my heart plummeting to the ground. Her puffy eyes were rimmed red with tears streaking down her cheeks.

Did mommy have a nightmare too? I’ll protect mommy! 

With that, I dashed across the living room towards the dining table. Before my little feet even managed to carry me across the living room, mommy yelled.


I flinched and stopped in my tracks, cold fingers back to grasping at the hem of my pajama top. I felt my lower lip trembling and my vision blurring from unshed tears. Realizing that she had just shouted at her 3 year old kid, mommy’s stern expression instantly softened as she let out a small gasp. I stood still and chewed my lower lip, lowering my eyes to the ground. I heard a soft cry from above, the chair scrapping across the floor and mommy walking towards me.

Mommy’s bigger hands cup both my cheeks, bringing warmth to them like a flame during a chilly winter night. Her hands lifted my face so that my eyes would meet hers.

“I’m so sorry for yelling baby, mommy’s not mad at you.” she whispered.

Mommy has that weird scrunched up look on her face. The last time Lily saw it was when granny was sleeping in this pretty wooden box with all the flower decorations.

Lifting up my hands, mommy picked me up. I wound my legs around her waist and pressed my small body closer to her chest. Wrapping my arms around her, I buried my head into the crook of her neck as she carried me back to my bedroom.

Mommy tucked me into bed and settled down beside me. I shifted closer to her and cuddled against her chest for warmth. The familiar feel of mommy’s hands smoothed across the back of my top and her arms wrapped around my smaller frame, cradling me closer to her. I closed my eyes and heard mommy sniffed once more, before softly humming my favorite lullaby.

Daddy promised to bring us to the zoo tomorrow.. 

With another exhale, I surrendered to sleep.