Were You Only My Imaginary

He’s right. We’re all a little desperate at this point in life. We’re only 21, but we’ve lived 21 years without our destined half; someone you trust so much their heart mirrors yours. I admit i crave affection. Right at this point, i think i’ll soak up any affection coming from someone who’s not a normal close friend. How can i used to shy from physical touch and yet now crave it. I’ve learned yet again how vulnerable that leaves me. How exposed its made me. I dug my own grave by being boldly impulsive and completely honest once again. With the expected reject my heart seems to die a little more. So why did i do it? This little thing called ‘Hope’ i guess. Hope that I’ll find something more. But curiosity killed this puppy. And I better wake up and remind myself that you can never, ever find a mirrored heart in a club.

Because when theres flashing lights and intoxicating drinks, everything gets reflected and refracted. Everything’s a facade.

You who read this probably could have guessed what ive done thanks to my impulsiveness. Guess Im really more feelings over logic. Please dont ask me about it. Feeling very exposed now as it is.

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