The Big(?) Twenty One

Hey readers, it’s been a month since my last post. This post is just gonna be a collection of thoughts so far from the end of 2015 to the present. I warn that it may be boring.

2015 Christmas was pretty uneventful, however New Year’s Eve was made better with a bunch of friends. I’d like to say I’ve grown much since the year before but I guess not. I’ve been kind of stagnant at work, just waiting for income to flow in at the end of each month just so I can prepare to spend more this 2016 – with my braces & since its the year of the 21st birthdays.

One of my New Year Resolutions was to be more spontaneous and to be more courageous. But old habits die hard and it’s tough to change. Hence! I’m gonna couple courage with a little motto that one of my colleagues have said recently.

‘There’s always a first for everything.’

And I too believe that humans need mistakes and uncertainty in other to learn and grow. Some of us may be more unfortunate and fall the harsher way, but in optimism, we still gain something better one way or another right?? (Easier said than done but what other way could we go?)

There is something about hitting 21 that I can’t explain. Physically you’re still the same. And after all the celebration, party, receiving many luxurious gifts and people telling you that you’re an adult now, the normal daily routine falls back into place.

However there’s this niggling thought at the back of my mind that I can’t shake away. The want to be more in control of your life. The want to earn an even steadier income, since I’ve been working as a temporary staff for so long. The want to hurry up and start giving money to my parents for a change.

I’ve always wanted to hit 21 quickly when I was younger because I thought that I could gain all the freedom in the world. But I learnt that 21 is just a number, and that trust and respect is earned. You don’t get them just by being ‘an adult’. And I want to thank my parents for teaching me that. Because I’m so blessed and grateful for the amount of trust that they have for me.

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