Little Lost Pup

I see her sometimes.

This girl with the messy frizzy long hair draping over her slumped shoulders.

She tells me that she’s always trying to find her place in this world, but then she became one in a million together with the rest of this population, a slave to their daily routines.

Sometimes i see her looking at other couples in envy and longing, even though she wants, so very much, to be independent and strong on her own two fragile feet. On lonely days she craves affection.

She feels like she treasures her relationships around her much more than the other party does. Her not-so-fortunate past drives her to cherish family and friends so much more now, that she even feels like tearing up when she imagines bad things befall on them.

This girl i met found a sweet tooth for treats; chocolate, cakes, tarts. You name it, she wants it. But then, she told me she’s afraid of gaining extra handles, although many others told her that she’s fine. “Is this healthy?” , “This is fattening right?” , “Less rice please!”, she’d say.

And then she gets teased.

She’s no longer arguing with others, she’s fighting with herself, and still trying to love herself the way the people who adore her sees her.

This girl i found, i saw her just now.

I saw her in the mirror.

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