Positivity Starts From Within

It’s 12.23am right now. I’m still sick, and I should be in bed right now.

I’ve decided to pen down these few thoughts at this moment so that I won’t forget that I ever came across it when I wake up all groggy-eyed and possibly another headache in the morning.

I read this line from someone else’s blog:

the questions we ask ourselves have the power to change our mindsets

And then it hit me that I’ve always been asking myself miserable sad questions like ‘Why me?’ , ‘For how long am I gonna do this?’ and etc.

You get my drift.

Maybe you’ve been asking yourself such questions too and maybe it’s time to change the way we think, the way we see things. It’s time for a new outlook on the things we do daily.

Be it studying, working — doing the same mundane things everyday, we’re still gaining something. We may complain about how tiring studying/working is, but no matter informal or formal training, we gain valuable knowledge and experience from it. We learn to cope, to survive through bad times, to forgive others. We learn that sometimes it’s okay to rely a little on others, we learn that it’s okay to sometimes say no and we also learn the importance of family.

I may sometimes whine about the boring things that I do daily, but there are patients out there who are trying to hold on to more days to live, and me doing these ‘boring things’ efficiently, may actually be a vital part in saving someone’s life. I will never forget how I felt, when I heard the pharmacist say ‘_____ passed away yesterday/died on the operating theatre.’  It came as a shock, because I’ve been writing down the same patient’s name and packing the ingredients for that patient for many weeks. To hear that he or she is suddenly gone is just.. heartbreaking.

Getting a little sidetracked, but yeah. I’m sure life would feel more rewarding if we ask ourselves positive questions and deal with whatever challenges and setbacks with a more determined mindset. I might have exaggerated on the examples, but no harm with a little boost of determination and self-confidence right? If you can’t change your mindset, change what you’re doing. Find something you really do like, start exploring possibilities.

It’s all in the head buddy, all in the head.

Edit 17/11/2015:

Just wanted to include that, like both sides of a coin, there won’t be any positivity without some negativity. But of course we shouldn’t dwell on the negatives. However I’ve been sick for the past couple of days and I realized that sometimes in certain difficult situations, you just can’t force yourself to think positive when you’re already feeling like hell and your body or mind isn’t holding up well. 😦 Cheers and hope all’s smooth for y’all. 🙂

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