Don’t Spend The Winter Wishing For Love

But dwelling on imaginary, perfect, ABC Thursday night-drama worthy love that fixes your sadness and makes everything better is not going to help you. And neither is pairing off with someone you don’t really want to be with. Because winter love, if it’s found with the wrong intentions – like just wanting someone, anyone, to fill a void – isn’t really love at all. It’s just a bandaid.

It’s okay to want someone. It’s okay to dislike being alone. It’s human nature to want to join forces with someone you love and make it through the shorter, sadder days by holding onto each other. But don’t waste away four or five months of your year by staring out the window and daydreaming about storybook romances.

Yes, it would be easier to do that with your soulmate by your side. But you can do it without them for a little while. You can read things, learn things, watch things, explore new things; you can still love your life, you can still enjoy being with yourself – even in the dead of winter.

Source: Don’t Spend The Winter Wishing For Love