Scarred: what my first dental trip felt like

This happened on the 11 November. Having the time to write now because I’m sick. Yay to MC!

Yes, scarred. Probably for life.

Nope, I’m not talking about heartbreaks or first loves or seeing some deadly creepy-crawly bug.

I’m talking about my first trip to the dentist, in like.. after 6 or 7 years? I guess I share the same fears of anything to do with dental clinics with my dad, the only difference is that I’m more accepting and open about it. And I’m so dead set on getting braces. 

Now, don’t look at me and tell me ‘Your smile ok what!’ or ‘Why do YOU need braces?!’ because I’ve heard these quite a few times. To be honest, I smile and laugh a lot. I also tend to smile with teeth in pictures because then I won’t look like my guinea pig just died and I’m trying to be happy about not needing to clean poop anymore. Even when I’m nervous, when I’m shy, I unconsciously just full-blown smile or laugh it off. And every single time I do, I get insecure and self-conscious about my teeth, especially my upper set of teeth. They may appear straight, but I have a bad case of overjet (my x-rays scared the crap outta me).

Anyway, I went down to Casa Dental together with my brother’s girlfriend for our first orthodontics consultation and she kept insisting that her case was gonna be worst than mine because her teeth were really overcrowded and what not. Turns out that, I quote Dr Andrew – ‘Your case is a little more difficult.’ 😦

I felt even worst when he explained that mine was more of a jaw placement problem, and that some people would consider doing jaw surgery for my case. I was like hell no am I doing JAW surgery. Wtf. Thank god he told me to not think about that because we both would prefer easier methods and lesser complications. Dr Andrew then told me that we could cheat and work around the limitations, that most likely I would have to extract 2 teeth from the upper jaw in order to correct the overjet. Otherwise, he would show me what i’ll look like if I preferred not to extract any, and whether I find that acceptable.

I’m so conditioned to smiling my not-so-natural smile when taking pictures in order to make my overjet less obvious that I felt so damn awkward when Dr Andrew told me to smile that gummy and overjetty smile when he had to snap a few pictures for analysis and comparison. god.

All my life I thought it would just be as simple as ABC like widening my arch and pushing the front back etc. I didn’t think I would even come across the word ‘surgery’.. And I’m quite terrified about teeth extraction too. Plus, xray scans showed I have 2 bottom impacting wisdom tooth. God, please.

My dad, obviously is quite horrified. I can tell he became upset when I mentioned that I might have to extract 2 teeth. I even overheard him telling my mum ‘What if extract already cannot cover the hole’, which is ridiculous. Like if they’re so worried they should have accompanied me to the consultation and stop avoiding the braces topic. Scared or not, I’m old enough to make my own decisions this time round.

Good thing probably only A and B’s going to come across this post otherwise more people will just start taking note when I talk and smile. :/

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