pg 0 stage 2

Lily had grabbed onto my arm and refused to let go even in her sleep. I gently untangled her arms from mine and cautiously sat up from the bed, mindful not to wake her up. Just for a few moments, I looked at my little girl in wonder as she slept, her arms laid beside her head and her chest lightly rise and fall with every breathe.

My brave little warrior.

I smoothed her fringe away and softly pressed a kiss to her forehead. Ever since I held the precious little bundle of joy in my arms on that very first day, her cherubic face and silly grins have always seemed to fill me with a positive power of energy, making everyday seemed brighter and easier amidst all the chaos and stress.

What I wouldn’t do to keep that smile there forever..

Yet.. a wave of anguish settled heavily into my heart knowing that I’d failed in reining in my emotions and as a result, had impulsively lashed out at Lily. Lily deserved no heartbreaks in her young life.

Author’s note:

I don’t think this is going to be a full story with a proper background as I’ve started writing on a whim. Last night I had the urge to continue the ‘story’ but I got stuck and didn’t know how to continue with words to fit my imagination. So the above short excerpt is what I’ve done before I succumbed to napping on my desk once again and waking up on my bed. As I’ve said, since this story has no proper background, I might not even be able to have a fitting ending since I’m no professional writer 😦 But still, thanks for reading if you ever do. 🙂

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