Hey reader.
Been thinking about work life decisions lately. Sad to say that i’m really really afraid of uncertainties and failure. It’s extremely tough for me to make big decisions in life, although i’m trying my best to step up and not disappoint myself further.

‘Life has chosen this for me’, always is a good way to console myself whenever i’m denied the choices that i yearned for. You don’t know just how many times this has crossed my mind.

Enough of the self-pity talk, yes.

Recently, I made the decision to head up to NCIS, National University Cancer Institute, Singapore; otherwise simply known as CC for Cancer Centre for a 1 year contract. After making a long decision to pursue a full-time career in the Laboratory, they told me that they couldn’t hire ANY full-time staff as long as they didn’t have an extra headcount and even asked if i wanted to extend my temp contract. I rejected their offer because it will be very unfair for myself, and i’m glad i did, for they offered a 1 year contract instead.

I hope that i’ll be able to learn more things in that one year. I was skeptical and hesitant to accept a position at CC because i’ve heard stories that weren’t exactly nice. But well, I guess there will always be stories everywhere and i’ll just have to go experience it for myself. Because they have been rushing me for an answer on the day itself, i felt a load of my shoulders as soon as i made the decision,

It’s good that i’ll earn slightly more due to risk pay, but hopefully it won’t affect any part of me, otherwise just $150+ more for my life definitely ain’t worth it.

Keeping my fingers crossed that they will agree to my request to start work in November! I’d really appreciate that one month break.

G’night reader, and remember to be brave. 

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