Hey reader 🙂

How do you decide where to take your next step in life? I’ve been working a temporary job at NUH (National University Hospital, in case you don’t already know) for a few months now, as a Pharmacy Assistant. It’s quite interesting but I also know that I shouldn’t stay as a temporary staff for long, it being bad for my resume and stuff.

After graduating I immediately started finding a job because my grades weren’t high enough for university. I won’t say that my grades weren’t ‘good enough’, because I already did my best. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten over the phase where I hate on the world and etc. for being so damn demanding and damn science for being so hard to study even though I have a passion for it — but I’m getting there. So the first thing I did when I got out of school was to look for a laboratory job that was relevant to my course — Biomedical Science.

However, I’m still pissed at the fact it’s so god damn hard to be hired being a Diploma in Biomedical Science fresh graduate with zero experience. Even my current colleague had the same problem as me when she was younger. I really, REALLY, want to work in a hospital. And as far as I know, they only hire people with at least 1-3 years of experience. Sucks big time.

So I ended up with a recruitment agency which asked if I was interested in working in the pharmacy. Of course I was, since I really was interested in working in the hospital and all things to do with medical stuff. Now I’m currently working at the Pharmacy Laboratory. Which is great!! 🙂 Because the people are nice and funny and it’s pretty interesting as well. I’ve asked for a full-time position there but chances are low because they have already filled the total headcount 😦

So here I am. Planning what to do next. My temp contract was extended after July to end of September and I’m hoping that they will be able to get the HR to approve another headcount in the lab. *fingers crossed*!

Recently, I’ve also researched and found out that there are actually 2 more local private academies in Singapore that offer a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science. I don’t think they as well-known as the other local universities because I’ve never heard of MDIS and PSB academy until recently when I found out that one of my colleague is taking a part time degree at PSB.

My dad is 100% supportive in whatever I choose to do next. But the thing is, I’ve been so driven and wired in getting a job, earning money and travelling the world that I don’t know if I want to continue studying. It’s also quite intimidating to think of studying again and going through projects and reports etc. That being said, a degree would help me advance faster in life I guess?

Time is running out and I shouldn’t be wasting more.

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