Hey. Haven’t been updating this space for awhile… I got lazy as usual.

School’s out. I’m near graduating, and recently I finally got to step out of Singapore for vacation. Shanghai experience sucked so bad I don’t think I’m ever going back to China again. I wasn’t this hateful towards the people of China as much last time. I mean, those friends who are born in China and studying in Singapore didn’t possess that rude and inconsiderate attitude as compared to those living there now. THEY (Not all, but majority) ARE SERIOUSLY RUDE and I can’t take it. I thought Shanghai would be a better experience than other parts but i was wrong. Someone told me ‘The economy is changing and improving but the people are not.’

Okay back to the main topic. Recently applied for two job positions through a job recruitment agency. I feel so lost now because there was no news from the position that I originally was keen in and applied for. Instead, the one that shortlisted me for an interview was another position which was introduced to me after, however, was not related to my diploma. I initially went ahead and told the consultant to go ahead for application of the second position as well because I thought working in the hospital may not be so bad, and I could gain that extra knowledge and learn new things.

Well, I felt a bit bummed out after receiving the call from them today. I figured I was actually really keen in the first position that I applied for, hoping to get shortlisted but from the call today, I don’t think it worked out. I also have to stop having ‘bad impressions’ of the recruitment agency simply because my job hunt didn’t go as expected.

I don’t really know what I want or where I should proceed on in life. How do I start getting financially independent? Get a job, yes. But what kind of job? What if it’s not what I really want and changing professions get hard.

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