Happy Birthday to me!! I’m officially 20 and I can finally taste freedom.

No i’m not exaggerating. This is going to be a short reflection on my life. All my life I’ve had strict curfews and finally I don’t. I believe this feeling is only understood by those that had super strict curfews since young. Honestly, I’ve never dared to break my curfew, ever. Probably because I am terrified of my dad whenever he is furious, due to some things from my childhood. (no i wasn’t abused) I’m serious, it’s god damn scary. hahaha.

The best thing that happened so far would probably be the people that I have in my life right now. I’m saying those that continue to always stand by me no matter what. My family would definitely be one of them. I’ve always been close to my parents and I know how they have always been worried about me. I’d always text them when I’m out, or where i’m going or who i’m with. Once, a friend joked and told me that there wasn’t a need to do all this stuff because i’m a big girl. If i remembered correctly, somebody joked that i was a mummy’s girl(?) But I really don’t care about that. Because i simply just want to reassure my parents that i’m safe. My relationship with my parents is based a whole lot on trust and i’m grateful for what we have. Now I’m super happy that I have no more curfews, but i’d still reassure them every now and then.

And as many people would know, I don’t have many GROUPS of friends. But i f*cking cherish those that have been with me till now and I really love them to bits. Enough said. hahah.

I’ve decided on a few things this year.

1. First & foremost, i’d stop being so nice to people who don’t deserve it. (lol)

2. Figure what i wanna do after i graduate and fast. (boo)

3. Travel. Shit i need to get out of Sg. (yay)

4. Tell my heart to follow my mind because its driving me nuts at times and i deserve so much more than this. (sobs)

5. Stop putting myself down. (i can do it)

Ok, thats all for now. I’m supposed to be sleeping an hour ago.

Night world.

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