10:28PM: Foot massage plz.


Internship day 1 was kind of exciting because i’m doing new things. I felt a little disappointed initially because i really had expected to be assigned to the microbiology lab, but instead, i needed to do all sorts of chemical tests using spectrophotometers/hachmeters etc. and i really disliked that in the past. But oh well, guess i’ll just have to learn!

I need a foot massage, the lab shoes didn’t have my size 😦
It was either too small (poor toes) or too big. I obviously wore the bigger shoes, but those protective lab shoes were made of super thick rubber soles (similar to boots) so they were super heavy! And since they were too big for me, i had to drag it whenever i walk and my knees started to hurt at the end of the day. There were only like 5 seats in the lab anyway and i didn’t want to sit since i’m only an intern (and i’m a newbie) and there were other seniors and permanent staff around.

But well, it was still enriching. I love doing repetitive stuff and most of the methods were repetitive since there were so many samples. Hope the next few weeks will pass smoothly!

I’m so tired. Time to hit the sack!

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