12:35AM: Back to the beginning

And i’m back after about 5 months of FYP torture and stress! I swear it wasn’t about it being hectic, it was really just stressful as fuck. Shall not talk about it if not I’m gonna start ranting.

So its October, still can’t believe how fast time flies.

Today i followed my talented balloon sculpting artist brother to one of the birthday parties to assist him in his show. Initially i thought i’ll just be standing there and learn how to interact and handle problematic kids from him. I ended up being part of the balloon show as well although i only made balloon flowers most of the time. My brother taught me how to make swords, poodles, butterflies and flowers but i guess i’m still only better with the flowers. It’s so awkward when i ask the little girls if they want flowers and they tell me no, and that they want a sword/machine gun instead. And my brother was able to create jet packs and elephant sculptures on the spot (for the first time) when the kids requested for it. Seriously kudos to him because i don’t think i’ll be able to do it. There was this girl that got on my nerves because she kept stealing my balloon pump and the balloons and inflating them and basically just wasting them. I can’t raise my voice or anything because the parents are there so i guess i need to learn how to handle these problems in future.

balloon sculpting
That’s ma bro



the flowers that i’m only good at for the moment

For more info on balloon sculpting services, do visit http://www.balloonsbooth.com.

Soon i’ll be starting my internship at Amlab Services Ptd Ltd; doing quality control laboratory analysis on food, soil and water(?) samples! Let’s hope the people there are as friendly as they seemed when i saw them just that one time during my first visit. Anyway, internship is only for 3.5 months instead of the stated 4 months. The pay, or more like allowance, is damn little but well, at least i get paid.

I’ve decided to start work with an open, positive mind and an attitude to learn. I’m going to try not to be all negative with low self confidence anymore. That’s going to be easier since there are no peer influences during internship since we don’t get to choose who/where we’re working with/for. Pray that i’ll get an A for intern and save my 2.9 GPA. I even dyed my hair back to a certain dark brown so that people at the workplace won’t have some weird impression of me and assume that i’m some slacker/clubber. My hair looks so black now it’s unbearable. I hope it fades to the supposed brown color soon after more washes.

And, hopefully i’ll be able to blog everyday and note down what goes on during my internship, like what i learnt or do today. This will help me remember and makes it easier when i need to write my interim reports.

And… some photos that i wanted to post during my brother’s early birthday celebration.

IMG-20141011-WA0006_1 IMG-20141011-WA0004_1

Okay, good night. Last day to sleep in before the start of intern.

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