Back to school thoughts

It’s funny what school holidays can do to you. (or.. just me)

After experiencing all the not-so-carefree days and after experiencing all the days when you can just sleep till the sun get’s tired of shining at your butt, of course most people will be reluctant to go back to school. I mean, who likes to wake up at 6am everyday and do the same things everyday (well, maybe i’m just the lazy people)

I thought back of the days when I was still studying in kindergarten, and there’s this scenario that’s never left my memories. It was after the school holidays and I cried and hung onto my maid so badly because I didn’t wanna enter the kindergarten school. While everyone was already inside, I was still left clinging onto my maid outside. (laughs)

And then the same scenario happened in Primary 1 and 2. Maybe i was just being a crybaby, oh wait, I still cry easily from dramas now but hey that’s different….

I remember last year. Year 2 was so freaking stress for me I broke down during the last day of the holidays right before school starts. If I were asked to describe my feelings at that time, I would say that I was so damn scared. Scared of going back to school, scared of facing the assignments, the pressure, the knowledge that I can’t handle a particular module and that it’s just going to get worst. My mum called me silly and told me not to over-think it. Well she was right, in the end I still got through hell, but it definitely caused 50% of my hair fall.

And today’s the last day of my 2 week break. Met up with my friends to catch a movie and I was so reluctant to return home that it felt almost stupid.

Is this what education’s supposed to be like? Or is it me who needs to learn how to face things a little more head strong.

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