Weird Dream Tuesday

Hi guys, if you’re interested in knowing what this dream is about, stay tune. But it’s not gonna be short because I’m really trying to capture all the details that I remembered. Nothing was made up, it really was what I saw ūüôā

(I woke up at 12pm sharp, continued to lie on bed and fell back asleep after that. But I had this ridiculously weird dream and I immediately got up, wash up and here I am typing.)

The dream started out with a damn creepy atmosphere, like something you’d see in horror movies with an abandoned temple in it. Yep I was at this old abandoned creepy temple and what was I looking for? A¬†TOILET (WTH?) and with this group of people, boys and girls both LOOKING FOR TOILET.

And for some reason, it really felt like the temple was haunted, ironic much. We slowly walked into an open space. The tiles on the floor were those super big square ones with all the dirt and god-knows-what in the cracks between. The¬†area was so moist and gloomy, with tall dark trees staring at you¬†everywhere¬†and dead leaves had all fallen onto the ground ( like 1/3 of the ground was covered in them). Suddenly a really strong gust of wind charged at us and I ended up doing a 360 and saw an open raised platform, kinda look like those tatami mats in Japanese houses. And then I got a text message from a girl in the group who I DID NOT KNOW. The text said ” They are looking. “. I turned to look around me and saw weird people in cloaks surrounding us and so I ran.

I ended up running up the platform and I don’t know if the others followed.

After running up the weird platform, I found myself ¬†in GIANT (you know, the grocery store..) And I felt so so confused and lost. And then there was a huge table in front of me filled up with loads of weird make up products and nope, they don’t look reliable, they look like something you use and your skin will start¬†to rot. I was instructed to start doing my make up, like as ridiculously as possible before the SALSA DANCE COMPETITION BEGINS?!

And then everyone was so hyped up and they snatched all the products. I ended up with this weird looking bottle of face powder which I just assume was foundation. But they had those glitter balls in it like what the hell. And for some reason when i looked into the mirror I couldn’t differentiate if it’s pimple or glitter balls so i had to rub my hand over my face to remove the disgusting looking balls.

After that I wanted to use the eyeliner but I couldn’t find it.
So I asked a girl ” Do you know where’s the eyeliner? “
and she was like ” You have no eyebrows?
i’m like ” HUH? EYELINER “¬†and she just ignored me and walked away.

AND THEN SUDDENLY NAZHIFAH APPEARED. And I asked her the same question and she brought me to a shelf with loads of 2B pencils and she was like ” Use this “ . I was totally shocked, like seriously? 2B pencils? ¬†But it ended up working just fine -.-

And I drew my eyebrows with blonde color eyebrow pencil. And I looked awesome. LOL

After that we watched another group do the salsa dance (isn’t salsa dance suppose to be in pairs why the hell is it in groups in my dream) And when it was our turn, we had to line up in alternate boy girl manner. So the girls queued up in front and the guys slot themselves in between us. Suddenly the guy beside me said ” I didn’t remember your leg to be this long. ”

AND THEN I WOKE UP WHEN I WANTED TO TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT HIS FACE. I had the impression that it’s one of my closer friends though.

So my dream went from a creepy horror story to a ridiculous Salsa Dance Competition in GIANT grocery store.

Thank you for reading!


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