1/4/14: Sentosa Trio

Been quite a while since I’ve last posted! So far FYP has been on pause thanks to the Safety Management Report and other reports that haven’t been completed since we’re still waiting for our supervisor’s instructions. So I’ve been pretty slack and wasting my life these past few days 🙂

Today A, TKL and i finally revisited Tanjong Pagar @ Sentosa again! Going to the beach to do basically nothing but rolling around in the waves and tanning in the sun has become this trio’s usual holiday activity. It drizzled in the afternoon but luckily the sun came out after that. I didn’t really wanted to tan a lot because I still have to make sure my make up products still matches my skin and i didn’t wanna become too ‘black’. But nehmind, I ended up with a pretty decent HEALTHY GLOW/tan. LOL

The 3 of us were like sitting in the water feeling the waves, observing Caucasian ladies in bikinis (looking so good-looking even without needed abs and etc), how people are attached and how or WHY we aren’t attached at 19 years old.

And while digging a well in the middle of nowhere and trying to make it into a water catchment, screaming out when the sand is ruined, we realize why we’re single. HAHA. #WHYWE’RESINGLE

Anyway, totally enjoyable day at the beach!

20140401_115107 20140401_135928 20140401_140023 20140401_140054 20140401_140245 20140401_161009 IMG-20140401-WA0027 IMG-20140401-WA0028


Super tired now so i’m just gonna sleep.


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