How about a little change?

Don’t dwell on the bad stuff and put yourself in irritation and misery, why don’t we try to look on the bright side of things 🙂

When things go wrong, how about staying calm and learning from those mistakes, or treat it as a normal occurrence? Because some mistakes are bound to happen anyway. I know it gets frustrating, but don’t let one simple mistake ruin your mood. :/
Number 1: it’s not healthy to always be pissed. (i know i know.. i keep talking about healthy and unhealthy and whatnot but it’s true pls) Number 2: It affects me as well 😡 

And how about putting in a little more effort to start your assignment earlier? I know i sound like a nag and i’m quite irritating. But it’s gonna make your life so much fucking easier if you do. Make a deadline for them, like at least ‘Today i MUST finish at least one article!!!!!!!!’ and be determined. Rushing for deadlines suck.

Oh and, I felt a little hurt today. When we went to eat, it’s like I went to eat alone. You can smile and laugh at your phone & I know it’s because of Jiayun & co., but whenever I talk to you, you frown at me and get all moody on me. (if you haven’t noticed today), and I didn’t even had anyone to talk to until afterwards (this sounds pathetic but it’s true). I keep trying to put on a neutral, unaffected-by-your-frustration face today, thinking I can try to make it less irritating cos of our failed bacteria but nope….. And it’s only 2nd week.

So.. how about it? Optimism. Try to make lab life more fun, thrilling, eventful, fruitful, exciting, memorable. Just kidding, but yea you get the idea.


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