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Regret has its redeeming qualities. We’re humans; we’re helplessly, eternally flawed and so we mess up – it’s part of life, and perfection is overrated and uninteresting anyway. We do things we wish we hadn’t, or that we wish we’d done differently. But it seems that more than wishing we could avoid making mistakes, we want to live regret-free. We have this desire to come away from every fumbling error we make with the same confidence we take away from our most shining moments, and I don’t think that’s necessary.

Not all regrets ought to be crippling or burdensome in an ever-present way. I regret things that I’ve learned from. We often reflect on mistakes we’ve made and ultimately ascertain that we wouldn’t undo it because it taught us something valuable. For me, there are things I’ve learned from that, if given the option, I’d still take back…

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