FYP Journal: Day 1 & 2


Just realized that my last blog post was like 1st of March. Anyway, FYP finally started last Friday and so far everything’s been .. okay? I still can’t believe I’m like a Year 3 student already. I can still remember the times when I just stepped into Ngee Ann with my blur face and thinking “Wow the school so big sure get lost!” (LOL) Anyway, time sure flies, even JC people are entering Uni soon. -side tracked-

ANYWAY, I’ve decided to blog about FYP and Intern as much as I can? Like keeping a journal about it so maybe when I happen to read back in future I can kinda see myself ‘grow’…… er. Well, I doubt I’ll blog EVERYDAY anyway because the things we do everyday are most probably the same.

So basically on Day 1 we were just introduced to the items, machines and some stuff that were needed for our project. Nothing interesting actually. The session ended in like 3o minutes.

Today we went back to school again to meet Sze Hwee and Cheryl (seniors). We did trials with P. aeruginosa, making the TSA and TSB, learned how to use the autoclave and the coolest thing!, was the cyropreservation fridge (like literally cos it’s -80 degrees Celsius) Thank god they were super friendly and nice if not I think today would have been very boring instead. Basically today was just the basics but I was still quite blur with mental calculations.. I can’t count on the spot for nuts. The whole lab session today actually lasted for like 3 hours, unexpectedly. And that’s all for Day 2.

I’m trying to stay optimistic this year. Because I think that’s quite important for self-motivation, and the learning attitude and all. Especially now that I’m really aiming for NTU. (which I really hope I can get in after this year..) But it kinda sucks when we know that picking this project for FYP meant that we have to come back everyday just to see the bacteria biofilm process while other people get to have their breaks and go to lab only a few times each week. Just gotta stay consistently determined I guess.

Oh and, one of the highlights of today was that, WE GOT OUR LAB LOCKERS. Don’t know why I was so excited over it but ya. Just look at thiz –


And the second highlight of the day?  My denim jacket from Taobao is here! 


And my bracelet/necklace from @wontyouburnbitch is ALSO HERE. LOL.



Yay! Ok that’s enough blogging for today. Good luck to Kailun and me (k2) for FYP! Gotta get up at like 6am for lab tomorrow……

With love, Kelly

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