“Pens down!” & after

When the teacher announced “Pens down!” at exactly 12pm on Thursday, I had to control myself from shouting ‘YESSSSSS’ out loud. I was already holding in my excitement halfway through the paper. SO SO SO GLAD that exams are over, the stress and tiredness was seriously too much. And the godzillian number of stuff to memorize is just too damn taxing for my little brain to handle. But honestly I ain’t really ready for FYP and internships in Year3, which apparently starts on MONDAY 😦  I always have this nagging feeling at the back of my mind — When does the FYP actually start? / What time do we report on Monday? / Do i have to contact my supervisor? / WTH IS NEEDED?!

My mum says I’m the best at giving myself stress. My parents are always proud that they do not have to nag at me for me to start doing shit because I myself know what I’m supposed to do. But at the same time they are so worried about my mental state (LOL). Like my dad just mentioned about joker from batman during dinner and told me not to lose myself.

Man, I really miss my holidays. And when I say holidays, I meant those 6 months kind of holidays, not this freaking 3 day holiday. I so wanna title this post as ‘SCHOOL’S OUT!!’ but nope. I don’t understand why people in certain business courses have like no school for the next 6 months. HEY IT’S NOT FAIR. hahaha but then, let’s just take it one step at a time. I’m sure it’ll be a slow transition to adult hood (although I’m scared).

Oh yea, when I got home from the last paper, I finally had my free time to set up my instagram shop ; selling brand new/pre-loved clothes as well as some preorder stuff. It’s not like very popular or anything right now but I hope I’ll be able to earn some money and HOPEFULLY not screw up since I’m doing this business thingy on my own. So anyone who sees this, please support me at instagram or carousell!

Meeting up with my dear friends later so I guess I should head to bed. Good night world!


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